The benefits of switching to renewable solar energy go far beyond just helping the environment; going solar also benefits your financial future. NCI’s team of solar professionals can help to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

NCI understands the people, processes, and products needed to deliver quality solar and roof construction projects. We employ experienced tradesmen in Virginia and work with industry-leading product and service partners to deliver quality, value, and performance in every project. NCI is a roofing and solar company that delivers professional services and solutions for our customers. Since NCI is a roofing and solar company you only need to make one call for both services.

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a year one federal tax credit of 30% when the system is commissioned. Systems may also qualify for incentive adders of 10-20% based on their location and domestic content. In addition Federal Accelerated Depreciation allows you to depreciate 100% of the eligible post ITC value in the first tax year. SREC sales are another emerging incentive option in Virginia. These potential credits involve the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (derived from solar energy your project produces) to local utilities. In addition, some local governments have instituted property tax exemption for solar property additions. Learn more about how we serve our commercial solar clients here.

Savings vary based on utility rates, solar policies in your area and your property’s exposure to sunlight. When you install a solar energy system, you save on electric bills and protect yourself against future rate increases.

Solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps decrease your carbon footprint. In addition, solar energy does not use our precious water resources – conserving our streams, rivers, and lakes for future generations.

Solar panels absorb energy from the sun and turn the energy into direct current (DC) electricity. The standard energy source for homes and businesses is alternating current (AC) electricity, so the DC electricity produced goes through an inverter to translate to usable AC energy. NCI provides inverter based solar monitoring tools to track the health and savings of your solar array.

Solar panel systems are created from resistant tempered glass requiring little to no maintenance for up to 30 years. Solar panels typically don’t need to be cleaned unless there’s an obstruction.

Should a problem arise with your system, NCI will provide warranty and contract maintenance support (or time and materials support outside of contract).

NCI is pleased to offer the following industry-leading warranty for solar projects it installs:

Installation and Workmanship – 1 year on workmanship of the solar array.

Commercial Equipment Warranty provided by Vendor Partners 
Racking – Typically 5-year finish, 25-year material defect warranty.
Inverter – 5-to-10-year warranty.
Solar Modules – 25-year energy performance, typically 10-to-20-year product workmanship warranty, 25 labor warranty (subject to equipment warranty requirements).

Yes, all solar panels (also called solar modules) provided by NCI have warranties that transfer between system owners.

Net metering is how utility companies credit owners for excess solar energy beyond the needs of a customer. Simply put, with net metering your utility becomes your bank to store excess energy that your solar system produces.

EPC (also called Solar General Contracting) is the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of a solar project. NCI designs the system, procures solar material, and builds solar arrays, providing all services required to complete the installation of the project.

Having one point of contact for all solar design, and construction services reduces project risk and increases overall project quality. Solar projects require multiple trades to design, build, and manage the project. As the general contractor of the system, NCI is able to design, construct and provide best practices for preventive maintenance programs.

Aerial View of a Roof Mounted Solar Array at the Canterbury Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Richmond VA
Canterbury Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, Richmond, VA