Solar for Schools

Going Solar For Schools with NCI Solar

Schools across the country are facing significant pressure to save on expenses. One proven way to cut costs is by investing in solar-generated power.

Solar energy reduces electric operating costs by up to 30%, and these savings are often maximized by the large, flat rooftops at schools that provide access to direct sunlight.

Better yet, going solar at your school demonstrates financial and environmental responsibility to students, parents, and your community.

Roof Mounted Solar Array at the DC Prep School in Washington DC
D.C. Prep School Roof Mount – Washington, D.C

Benefits of an Education-Focused Solar Project

Enthusiastic Teacher Giving a Solar Energy Lesson in Elementary School to Class Full of of Diverse Children.

Environment-Focused Curriculum

Many solar-powered schools have integrated their environmental stewardship into science and math curriculums.

NCI Solar Group talks with students about job opportunities in the solar industry

Positive Impact on Students

Not only will your school’s choice to go solar leave a positive impression on the environment and your community, it also opens doors for students looking to start their careers in the renewable energy industry.

(NCI at Energy Expo: Ridgeview HS Dickenson Co. Talking with students about job opportunities in the solar industry)
Reduce Your Cost with Solar Energy

Reduce Your Operational Costs

Installation of solar panels are ideal for reducing energy bills and cutting costs associated with powering a school’s facilities

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Our Process

Step One

NCI will assist the school system to develop goals for solar savings and provide 12 months utility usage

Step Two

NCI evaluates electrical, roof condition, roof warranty, and building structural requirements and designs solar project based upon requirements.

Step Three

NCI builds customer solar proposal, identifies financing partner (if required) and explains technical & financial performance for project lifecycle.

Step Four

NCI validates design and financial performance of project and signs agreement with school system and/or financier.

Step Five

NCI permits and builds project.

Step Six

NCI validates project completion with school system and/or financier.

Project Highlights