Why Put Solar on Government and Military Facilities?


The federal government is the nation’s largest energy consumer, spending billions of dollars each year to power its permanent military installations around the country. NCI Solar has partnered with various federal agencies to install solar energy systems for government and military properties across the United States.


State governments are faced with declining tax revenues and increased pressure on budgets. Solar projects allow state governments the opportunity to reduce operational costs and develop predictable electrical cost budgets, offering protection from annual utility cost increases. In addition, many states, like Virginia, have enacted laws and policies to dramatically increase the production and consumption of renewable energy. Virginia has a goal of 30% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% carbon-free energy by 2050.


Like state governments, local governments are very concerned about declining tax revenues and cost exposure of utility rate increases. City and county budget planners are excited that solar energy provides cost savings while demonstrating strong financial and environmental stewardship to its taxpayers.

Our Process

Step One

NCI will assist to develop goals for solar savings and provide 12 months utility usage

Step Two

NCI evaluates electrical, roof condition, roof warranty, and building structural requirements and designs solar project based upon requirements

Step Three

NCI builds customer solar proposal, identifies financing partner (if required) and explains technical & financial performance for project lifecycle

Step Four

NCI validates design and financial performance of project and signs agreement with customer and/or financier

Step Five

NCI permits and builds project

Step Six

NCI validates project completion with customer and/or financier

Keesler Air Force Base – Biloxi, MS

Project Highlights

Fort Campbell Army Base – Fort Campbell, KY

Ballast ground mount with 4.7 MW Solar PV installation built atop a 20 acre abandoned landfill. NCI teamed up with LG for modules, SolarFlex for racking and Locus for (DAS). Upon its completion, this was the largest Solar farm in the state of Kentucky encompassing 14,820 modules, 110 string inverters, and just over 17,000 man hours to build in 3.5 months. At the time of completion it was the largest solar array in the state of Kentucky. With the potential to power 463 homes.

Keesler Air Force Base – Biloxi, MS

NCI provided EPC services on this 1.5 MW solar carport array. The project includes 10 solar carports consisting of a total of 4,560 solar modules which will help Keesler reduce energy consumption by 16 percent annually. The PV array’s location close to the commissary and near the base’s new primary entry gate prominently showcase the use of renewable energy and the base’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Gain energy independence

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